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Azemoldes’ organizational system was developed and implemented according norm NP EN ISO 9001 and is certified since 2004 in the scope of Design, Engineering and Production of Moulds.


Later in 2006, this certification was extended to Azeplast according norm NP EN ISO 9001:2000 – Production of Plastic Parts. The organizational system of Azeplast and its certification was integrated in Azemoldes.


In 2007, following the renewal of Azemoldes/Azeplast certification a new extension was done on the scope of Azeplast’s certification - Design, Engineering and Production of Plastic Parts.


In 2009 there was an intermediate successfull transition to NP EN ISO 9001:2008.

Then later in 2018 another transition to NP ISO 9001:2015 was attemtped keeping the scope of the certifications:

- Azemoldes for DesignEngineering and Production of Moulds
- Azeplast for DesignEngineering and Production of Plastic Parts


A renewal was achieved in July 2021, so the certification is now valid until 2024.


Moreover in other areas like Working Conditions, Safety and Environmental Protection, both companies are well organized and procedures were implemented, although these areas are not under certification scope.


Next you are able to download and check our certifications.